Ways to Enhance Your Safety Considerations When Working Around Oilfield Equipment

Working around oilfield equipment can be very dangerous. If you are not careful, there is the potential for serious injury or even death when you work close to these types of machines and devices.

Many steps should always be taken while working around this type of machinery. When safety considerations aren’t given enough attention, it becomes easier to cause accidents. Wireline Services takes safety seriously and sets a good example.

Steps to take when dealing with Oilfield Equipment:

When working around oilfield equipment, you must always have a spotter nearby in case of emergency. If there isn’t someone else available, try using the horns and bells on any machinery, so others know where you are located at all times.

In addition, if your work requires welding or other hot work, it’s important to be extra cautious of where you are standing. The ground can become extremely hot and burn your feet if steel-toed boots or other fireproof shoes are not protected.

Before starting any job, always ensure the area is clear of debris and that any other workers in the area are aware of your presence. Make sure you have enough room to work while still having access to an emergency exit if necessary.

If there is a machine involved, ensure it’s turned off before starting anything else. In addition, if you have a partner working with you, don’t both go under one piece of machinery simultaneously. Finally, always use hand signals to ensure your communication is clear and concise.

Although workers need to follow safety procedures when they’re on-site, not everyone does this all the time. For that reason, oilfield companies should always have an eye on their workers to ensure they’re doing everything possible to stay safe.

If you feel like someone working near your rig is not following proper procedure, point out the problem and watch them closely until it’s resolved. Your safety, as well as theirs, depends on it!

It’s also important to be familiar with all safety procedures for this job site or equipment and ensure you understand all of the instructions before starting work. It’s a good idea to ask your supervisor if there is anything else you should be doing or if they have any safety guidelines for this type of equipment that aren’t written down anywhere.


In conclusion, working around oilfield equipment is a lot like playing with fire if you’re not careful, there’s a good chance things could go very wrong. For that reason, it’s important always to be aware of your surroundings and take every precaution possible when performing this type of work.

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