Learn the Basics of an Injection Press

Although, plastic injection molders help in ascertaining the size of the machine required to get the most efficient output, a project manager can help you get a good estimate on the basis of some basic information. By learning the approximate size of the machine needed, you can source a better plastic injection molder that will deliver exactly what you want. Read on for Fibertech’s simple guide to plastic molding using injection press.

  1. Classification of plastic injection molding presses

The plastic injection molding is available in the range of 3- 68, 5- 123, 5- 154, 5- 202, 5- 233, and 4- 400 Ton Injection Molding Presses.

  1. How much clamping force or pressure is needed?

Many factors are taken into consideration when ascertaining the size of the press. The size of the part, the polymer being utilized and a factor called as safety factor. It is an additional numerical percentage rate buffer that is joined in the calculation to keep away the defects in the final part. It is recommended to add 10 percent to allow for the safety factor. As aforementioned, the Melt Flow Index or the MFI of the plastic compound has a significant impact on the pressure which is required to produce the part. Many computations comprise the plate size, mold and part size as well. But, when it comes to estimating the press size which your project requires, it is much simplified now.

As a general rule of thumb, 2.5 times of surface square inches is used in order to produce. So if you have a part with 42 square inches then a press size with 105 tons of pressure is required. If you further add a 10 percent of safety factor, you will need a press with 115 tons of clamping force. And when it comes to a press size of 120 tones, it will be compatible with your plastic injection molded product.

  1. How to ascertain the ideal plastic injection molder for your project?

Once the press size has been estimated, it becomes easy to choose the plastic injection molding to meet your requirements. In other words, molders with a greater number and a huge selection old selection of press sizes available to fit the needs of your project. If you are not installing a completed mold, seek a plastic injection company who can help in designing and building the mold. They will help in maximising the manufacturing process and minimizing the project cost.

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