How to Make Your Business Server Faster


As your business grows, you will need to set up a server to keep your work moving along. But with so many options and important decisions to make, it might be hard to figure out where to start.


Servers are powerful computer networks that give workers, clients, and others information. Multiple workers working on the different computers should have access to the same file and software. There is a centralized computer instead of many versions of files kept locally on machines.

Having many computers in your business connected to a shared network means you need a server. This gives you access to software from anywhere and freedom to certain information like payroll data. Servers can protect one’s business information with a solid backup. You can get more server information from network repair services.

There are various types of servers for business, depending on which is preferable for the company. They are:

  • Data backup recovery
  • Website hosting
  • Document storage
  • E-commerce hosting

Setting up a server

The server setup is based on hardware or operating system. The steps are as follows: 


Firstly, you need a documented network: users, IP address and handlers of each computer, and locations.

You also need to put together the items, such as an Ethernet cable and external hard drive.


You can connect your operating system, connect it to the network and start the configuration. But if it doesn’t come with that, just insert a USB or your DVD and follow the instructions.


After installing, you need to have a backup like an external hard drive.  Have remote access to the server and sharing options. Make it a domain controller to give access to another computer to join and permit user details.

Completing the setup

The last phase is adding a local admin account to each computer and connecting them to the server. Gather and upload the information and application you desire to have on the server.

How to make a server faster 

Upgrading to a reliable web host

The web host company provides the server. This is like having an internet space where all websites are stored.

Most people tend to get cheap space, but that’s not a good solution.

Using VPS

Virtual private server. Using VPS, the web host will guide a corner of the shared server.

With this, you don’t have to stress yourself about your resources being stolen.

Getting server closer to your audience

Whenever someone clicks on the site, the server sends the information to their computer screen.

Having your server on the other side of the world makes it longer. Once you know where your traffic is coming from, you should host the server close to the targeted audiences.

Better delivery network

Moving your server audience can make individuals lose out of the network. If you move the server to point B, then point A will get a slow loading time. Using a content network, put your information on data worldwide.

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