How to Attract Visitors to Your Tradeshow/ Exhibit Stand

Nothing is as frustrating, embarrassing, and demoralizing as setting up a trade show exhibit – only for no one to come and visit your display. This could kill all your motivation. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you in your upcoming trade show, this article has the best tips you can use to attract a quality crowd to your booth, and accomplish your goals.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

You probably already know this but it can’t be stressed enough: the only way you are going to have a successful exhibition is if a lot of people get to know about it and if they actually show up to the event. You have to promote it!

The good thing is that there are so many modes of promotion you can use. In this day and age, where the world literally lives online, you want to put more emphasis on social media and other ways of online promotion.

Go for the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, if your audience is more likely to hang there, or LinkedIn and Twitter, if the event is about to be more formal and target high-ranking professionals.

Promotional Material

While you are focusing on promotion, keep in mind it is not just about telling everyone to show up. If anything, it is about convincing everyone you tell to attend. This means before you even start your promotional campaigns, pay attention to your materials.

For social media, you want to go for short, bite-sized videos that are attractive and irresistible. Flyers and brochures are also a great way to spread the word. Make sure these materials are well presented.

When at the event, having tangible merchandise for people to take is imperative. Having a drink cozy, a keychain or a hat with your branding on it will help people remember you and your display, long after the event!

Contact Attendees

More often than not, you have probably received a note at your doorstep inviting you to an event and you didn’t go. It is one thing to get an invitation and another thing for someone to follow up and make sure the invitation reached you and asked you to RSVP.

If you are working with show organizers, make it a priority to ask for the list of all attendees, who registered for the exhibition, and everyone invited and contact them. Don’t just ask them to come. Offer something, like a personalized email asking if they will be interested to meet you one-on-one with your team for a more personalized conversation after the event.

Your Existing Clients are the Real Deal

Tradeshow exhibits are viewed as a way to raise awareness for your brand, get more leads, and eventually close deals. This may lead you to put your current clients in the backseat or worse, forget about them completely. While the purpose of the event is to bring in new clients, you want to put your existing ones at the forefront too.  Don’t assume because they are your clients, they will show up. Send them personalized invitations, make them even more and better offers, and make them feel appreciated and valued. Chances are that they will even bring their friends along!

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