Different Types of Log Loaders and Their Benefits

Log loaders are operated with mechanical and electronics control. Mostly they are used for transporting heavy wooden logs. These log loaders lift wooden logs from transportation trucks, and move them to other places where they are stored. Usually, log loaders are supported by a boom and hydraulic grapple to catch the logs. Log loaders of different varieties are available and they have different configurations and characteristics. However, majority of log loaders are of two main categories:

  • Small Self-propelled
  • Small Knuckle-boom log loader which is fixed with the truck.

Types of Log Loaders

  1. Knuckle-boom

This is a small chargeuse à bois which is a new wood carrying loader simulates the knuckles of a man’s arm or hand with a hydraulic boom. The hydraulic grapple is used for catching and moving the wooden logs to its place where they are meant for storing. These loaders can be easily rotated from 180 to 360 degrees.

  1. Self-propelled

For easy movement, this small log loader has got wheels. A rotating grapple is attached at the boom’s end so that clutching becomes easy. it can rotate in a full circle and rubber tires are provided to increase the stability. There are few different varieties available as follows:

  1. Crane loader – It is customised to offer higher productivity. Its machinery deck can rotate up to 360ᵒ.
  2. Forklift loader -With outfitted forks it can be raised or lowered easily.
  3. Mobile heel boom – It comes with a pair of tongs and one grapple. It can offer great control when it holds the logs at 2 different places.

Benefits of Log Loaders

  • Fully rotating grapple – This can rotate easily up to 360 degrees. With high quality of steel and strong bearings, excellent performance can be achieved.
  • Long reach – Its hydraulic boom can easily reach up to 10 meters.
  • Endurance and durability – Its strong boom can perform different tasks without any damage and can hold the heavy logs on extended conditions too.

  • Lightweight – They are made of fine-grained steel and hence are light in weight.
  • Versatility – These log loaders can be configured or modified to attach to a any trailer or a truck and thus make it versatile.
  • Easy transportation -Easily transportable as they are normally mounted on trucks or trailers.
  • They are productive, comfortable and profitable. You can do your job easily and more efficiently by choosing right loader.

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