Coin vs Card-Operated Laundromat: Which Should You Get?

Are you a laundromat owner or making plans to become one? There are various factors to consider, including whether or not you should invest in coin op laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts or go cashless.

With the times changing, it may be time to adapt to customer needs and head the cashless route. However, coin op laundry parts also have their advantages as well. Let’s take a look at what is best based on your and your customers’ needs.

Pros of Coin-Operated Laundromats

If you and your target audience prefer carrying cash and quarters, then coin-operated laundromats are the way to go. This is the traditional business model that’s existed since the start of commercial laundry. Plus, they can save you money in the end!

Here are the benefits these types of laundromats offer:

  1. Longevity and Efficiency

Coin-operated laundromats stand the testament of time thanks to their simplicity and ease of use. They are just as reliable as card-operated machines, with people of all generations being able to use your machines.

  1. Customer Familiarity

Some customers may prefer using coin-operated equipment since this is what everyone’s familiar with. No need to use their credit card, which holds personal information. Nor will they have to hassle themselves purchasing a prepaid card to load up. This makes it suitable for your demographic, especially if you’re targeting older generations.

  1. Easy to Use

Since coin-operated laundromats have been around for longer, they are what everyone understands. There won’t be any language barriers or difficulty in following instructions 

  1. Affordable

For laundromat owners, coin-operated equipment is more affordable compared to its cashless counterparts. This is because they have less interface technology and will have inexpensive repairs if needed.

Pros of Card-Operated Laundromats

Today, more and more people prefer using credit cards over cash for their transactions. This may make card-operated laundromats worth looking into. After all, going cashless is the future and you should keep up with the trends. Here are the benefits they offer:

  1. Added Convenienc

Customers can use prepaid, credit, or debit cards without having to hassle themselves in rummaging for coins. Besides that, card-operated machines are beneficial for you, because you won’t have to count and audit coins, giving yourself better audit ability.

  1. Control Prices

In today’s economy, the cost of business operations continues to change. Thanks to card-operated machines, it’s easier to adjust your pricing rather than have to charge in 25-cent increments. You can change the pricing for varying cycles with ease and as you see fit!

  1. Monitor Transactions

Card-operated machines allow you to monitor customer usage. You can even add promos and discounts for loyal customers or add larger amounts of credit. This allows you to help gauge each machine’s activity so you know the best times to offer promos, or if you need to adjust your operating hours.

Wrapping It Up

Consider the two different laundromat business models’ advantages before you choose the one that can garner more success. Good luck!

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