What is Meant by Custom Web Design?

Custom web design is defined as a thorough process that gives a custom user interface and experience for responding to the client inputs. Client inputs are consistently contributed throughout the process. They are usually info where custom web designers can use to produce outputs accordingly. Those very outputs are normally design renditions or working prototypes.

An alternative to this is the concept of agile theming when considering web design and development singapore. In other words, a website themer will use a pre designed and developed into a CMS and then modify it accordingly according to client needs. There are two different things resulting from the approach. Firstly, client inputs are never design driven, they are more functional and inclined to content. Secondly, the outputs are not renditions, they are working constantly and functionally working deliverables.

A themer is neither a web designer not a web developer. It is just what it sounds like, they tend to download, install and configure themes. The modification of these themes are frequent without the knowledge of the way on the working of the code. Being a themer is not bad, it adds value to many client projects. But the gist of custom outputs is useless because there is nothing custom about the products being produced. It always has elements like themes, plugins, and the way they are configured together. They are also an important part of pricing the divergence.

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