The Importance Of Decoration For The Right Atmosphere At Each Event

The events market involves a huge range of professionals, each with their importance, among them the decorator, perhaps one of the most influential professionals for the event to have the right atmosphere according to the theme and type of event.

Through a briefing and a chat with the contracting organizers, the decorator is responsible for deciding which elements must be included for the party to succeed, the theme to be well explored, and the contractors and guests to be satisfied. After understanding what type of event it is, what is the theme, some guests, location, time, and the contractor’s wishes, the decorator is responsible, among other things, for:

  • Decide on the elements and the arrangement of the decorative elements
  • Types of flowers and quantity to be used
  • Lighting
  • Distribution of tables, dance floor, DJs, stages
  • Depending on the structure where the event will be held, it is also the role of the decorator to provide power generators, tents, among others

Wedding Decor

A wedding is one of the most stressful events due to the expectations of the couple and their families, which are often conflicting. In this regard, it is paramount that the decorator, in addition to meeting all the wishes and whims of those involved, has the flexibility to deal with different interests so that the final result is positive.

What Can’t Be Missing From A Wedding

  • Flowers according to the time, place, and preference of the bride and groom
  • Cake, sweets, tea, and coffee table impeccably decorated, with good lighting and more flowers
  • Decoration of tables and chairs in line with the theme of the party
  • Environments with adequate lighting so that people can see each other, interact and have meals
  • Preferably integrated environments so that people can socialize even at separate tables
  • Separate dance floor, so that loud music does not interfere with conversations between other guests who are not dancing
  • Lower lighting of the dance area with light fixtures that encourage people to relax and dance.

Corporate event decoration

The watchwords at corporate events are: discretion, practicality, and organization. We are not going to talk here about festive corporate events held at night; we are only going to deal with those daytime events, where the main idea is to talk about the company, goals, and objectives. There is no room for mistakes or last-minute improvisations in a corporate event. For this reason, most companies already choose places that offer infrastructure for this event.

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