How to Systematically Approach Your Potential Clients for Photography or Videography Projects?

One secret to longevity in this very business is to gain regular clients with whom you enjoy working with. It actually gives you a freedom to pick and choose the projects that you take on and expand your business, the options are infinite. It surely takes a long time to reach that stage, but begin savvy in this very field can take you places. And when you are seeking clients, one thing is sure that there is no definite answer to this. Sometimes, they just Google ‘business portraits near me’ and approach your company with a project to work on, sometimes you use online platforms and post your profile to attract clients. And if you really find some good clients, here is how you approach them systematically.

  1. Firstly, determine your business.

Before seeking new clients, understand what kind of work and clients you would take in and which ones you aren’t. Identify the specific niche you will be working on like wedding photography, corporate photography, documentary filmmaker etc. Establish your niche firmly before you seek clients. If you have a website, work on your ‘About us’ section and specify what you are specifically looking for and how can you be of a service to your clients.

  1. Take your location into consideration

Location plays a significant role in impacting your businesses you do and you don’t seek. This may vary for everyone but take into consideration that mostly, it is cost effective for a client to hire locally. It is suggested to seek to any large city that is within around 3 hour drive from your workplace.

  1. Build a chart to determine potential clients and what you can offer to them.

Make the use of a whiteboard. Begin by defining a few attributes associated with the kind of task you are going to work on. We suggest you to use the terms like Outdoors/Active Lifestyle, Non-Profit, and Locally-centered. Then list the services like Video Production, Aerial Video, and Documentary Photography. When you are done listing the items, make a spreadsheet with rows to mention businesses and columns to the name of the clients, work you can do for them and additional notes and comments.

  1. Google is your best friend

There are many ways to approach this step. Use the keywords you have put in the chart you make and seek the area for potential businesses. When you find them, fill your chart business column.

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