Four Perks of Having an On-Premise Dryer Equipment

Are you wondering whether you should get an on-premise coin operated washing machine or any other Girbau North America laundry equipment? Well, if you haven’t decided yet, but are considering this venture, here are some apparent perks you’ll enjoy when shifting to an on-premise commercial laundry business.

Reduced washing costs

While it might seem like you will spend a lot more getting new equipment, it ends up being cheaper in the long run. Like many other appliances at your workstations, old dryers have lower efficiency and higher energy consumption and do not run as well as before. New commercial laundry washers and dryers can also handle larger loads of laundry than the older versions. While getting dryer equipment might not reduce the overall labor cost, it will help cover the outsourced company’s overhead. You will be able to save more and reduce the cost that is often passed on to the customers. Having dryer equipment is the best option if your business does lots of laundry.

Simpler business processes

Having on-premise washers and dryer laundry equipment means you can easily structure your laundry processes around your business timetable rather than conforming to the laundry services’ timetable. Dryer equipment is critical to industries such as the hospitality or hotel industry, where linen and towels are crucial. On-premise equipment allows you to have a quick turn-around and will enable you to prioritize the items you need to get ready easily for your customers.

No mix-ups of later deliveries

The best part about having on-premise dryer equipment is that you will no longer deal with the common mix-ups and late deliveries that are common with laundry services. While a vast majority of laundry services are trustworthy businesses that take their obligation to their customers seriously, they are bound to make mistakes occasionally. It is common to have mix-ups due to changes in schedules or later deliveries due to traffic; in some cases, some products can go missing along the delivery chain. Few things can go wrong with on-premise dryer equipment, and you also get to work on your schedule. It will be easier working on your schedule than laundry service providers.

Quality control

Quality control is crucial in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Patients and customers can easily lose their faith in an institution based on their linen appearance. Worn-out or discolored towels, sheets, tablecloths, and napkins can result in the loss of reputation of your business for your company and often lead to negative online reviews. While commercial laundry companies adhere to strict guidelines and rules, it is essential to do the laundry yourself to ensure that you have complete control of the process. This way, you will ensure that you use the protection against cross infection or germs keeping your customers safe from any infection.

On-premise dryer equipment ensures that you provide high-quality services and take good care of our high-quality linens. You will also be in a better position to save on laundry costs in the long run and reduce the number of lost and damaged items.

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