Common Type of Corrugated Boxes Which Are Best Fit for Your Business

Purchasing a corrugated type of box might sound simple and an easy task for you. However, it might not be as simple as you think. There might be possibly different types and some of those types might be more suitable as compared to others. You might be willing to know what kind of cardboard suits the best for your product.

Corrugated type of boxes is usually used for exporting or importing larger shipment with products which are considered fragile and might need some extra bunch of care. People often mix up cardboard boxes with corrugated boxes. However, they both are different in nature as well as in terms of use.

Companies like ensure to provide the client with the right kind of box for their business. Here, is a list of few common types of boxes which can be of different shape and function. Such as –

Regular Slotted Containers

These kinds of containers are found everywhere. Whenever you think about a design, you might also think about a corrugated box. The flaps of a corrugated box are usually equal lengthwise and they fold over each other. These boxes are best fit for small packing like coffee mugs, pieces of clothing etc. They are spacious as well for shipping products of larger size as well as fragile items including wine glasses, show pieces etc. As an extra precaution, you can also get them wrapped with bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

Corrugated Trays

These are smaller in size and rectangular shaped packs. This kind of boxes doesn’t have wraps around it. Instead, you can simply pile up with top over bottom and the sides fitting on to each other. You might have noticed this kind of boxes while getting food items delivered, documents or packed pile of papers. Corrugated trays are perfect, if you are looking for transparency around your product that is about to be shipped. On top of that, they are easier to handle and can be placed anywhere in multitude of the space as the tray possess height which is negligible.

Half slotted containers

Half slotted containers can be termed as regular containers. Except the fact that they have one difference i.e. a single set of flaps. These kinds of containers are best fit for items which are considerably heavier or which can possibly be needed to remove during the transportation.

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