Why Slip Sheets are Critical for Packaging

Slip sheets are a form of packaging that facilitates the transport and handling of large, heavy items. Slip sheets can be made from various materials, including corrugated paperboard or plastic and wood. They typically have an adhesive strip to hold them together in stacks so they don’t slip apart while handled by forklifts and other heavy machinery.

Slip sheets are an important tool for packaging companies. They provide a protective layer between products and the outer box, help to protect fragile items during shipping, and work as a cushioning material that absorbs shock.

Slip sheets can be made of paper or plastic, depending on what type of product you want them to protect. Paper slip sheets are more economical, but they will tear easily if not handled correctly by employees at your company. Plastic is more expensive, but it protects against moisture damage better than paper does. It is also easier to write on and label.

When customers purchase large or fragile items, it’s always best to use slip sheets as part of your packaging strategy. This will help you protect the product during transit and ensure that they arrive safely at their final destination. In addition, slip sheets are inexpensive enough that any business can make them a part of their shipping process.

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