What are the Best Marketing Methods for Your Laundromat?

There are two goals every laundromat owner must strive to achieve – Compelling potential customers to enter your business for the first time, and encouraging them to keep coming back. There are a ton of answers and solutions to those goals. For instance, you can focus on creating laundromat digital marketing strategies with agencies like Spynr. Or you can focus on improving your customer experience by training your staff or posting new promotions.

These are all known tactics, but aren’t there more strategies that can set you apart from competitors further? Here are a few marketing methods that you can try, as stated by a laundry service marketing agency!

  1. Invest in Exterior Signage

Everyone may be so focused on digital marketing strategies today that they forget about traditional methods. Both work hand-in-hand to grow your customer base, so make sure you balance your time and effort for these two.

You can start by sprucing up your exterior signage. Not only is this effective, but it’s cost-effective if you’re on a budget. Your signage is a customer’s first impression and what can determine whether they go inside your laundromat or not.

When designing your exterior signage, make sure you use bold and readable fonts, and bright and contrasting colors, and consider your building’s structure and color for design continuity.

  1. Focus on Local Marketing

Laundromats focus on the local community as their target audience. Many of these potential and recurring customers rely on their smartphones and the Internet to gain information and solutions for anything under the sun. This includes finding laundromats in their area to have their clothes cleaned.

As such, you must focus on local marketing or search avenging optimization, which increases your business’ visibility if people were to search for keyphrases like “laundromats near me” on Google.

One of the best ways to start doing this is to claim your business with Google Business Profile. This is a free tool where you can add all your relevant business information, so when customers see your listing, they know what to expect and whether to transact with you.

  1. Give Back to the Community

Your local community is your target audience, and what better way to improve your business reputation than by giving back to them? Partner with local charities and organizations, which helps extend your marketing reach in the area.

When partnering with organizations, you can request for them to promote your business through ad placements, event signages, and other marketing materials for community members to learn about your brand and keep it in mind the next time they need laundry done.

Besides that, ask your partner organizations to link your laundromat’s website and social media accounts on their own channels and website to promote your business even further! You can even partner with local businesses that complement your laundromat for both of you to gain new audiences.

Wrapping It Up

Try any of these marketing methods and see if they will help with your laundromat operations in the long run!

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