Things to Know About Conducting Gemba Walk

As a known management technique, Gemba Walk is used for improving business processes and production means. It allows businesses to explore possible wasteful activities and improve performance.

If you are looking forward to conducting successful Gemba Walks, here are a few things worth knowing.

  • Get an app. Yes, you can get an app for Gemba walk, and these apps are extremely handy to say the least. Secondly, these apps are full of management tools and features, so from adding information and notes to taking photos and more, you can do a bunch of things.
  • Gemba Walk is not about acting on the go. Leaders should bear in mind that suggesting changes while on the walk isn’t something that’s recommended. A Gemba Walk is meant to be about observation and notes.
  • Get the team ready. You have to ensure that every employee knows the purpose and aspects of Gemba Walk, because it is a collaborative effort by means. This also helps in knowing what employees expect from the company.

  • Using more leaders may help. Gemba Walk doesn’t have to be about the same leader. You can walk in teams, note observations, and eventually take effect steps towards correction and improvement, if and where needed.
  • Documentation is necessary. No matter whether you are using an app or not, documenting things both in form of images and observations isn’t a choice. Unless everything has been sorted and included, learning from Gemba Walk isn’t easy.
  • Don’t take this as an employee evaluation session. The purpose of Gemba Walk isn’t about finding whether your employees are working as expected. It is about the process and not anything else.
  • The flow between processes matter. How production moves from one step to another is extremely important, and it helps in finding if there are any mistakes, especially with regards to activities.

Finally, don’t forget to check how others are doing it. Gemba Walks are easy when you have an app for help and everyone in the team is experienced and well-versed with the process. To get the best app for your Gemba Walk needs, check the features and ask for a demo. It is more than important to keep a tab on all the relevant features, because it must be able to note and track aspects that matter for your processes. Check online now right away to find more on Gemba Walk, and don’t shy away from seeking help.

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