Streamline your Business Processes with Virtual Office Services

Every business owner should be looking for ways to streamline their organisation and by making good use of available technology, you can really make a difference. The cost of running even a small office is considerable, but with virtual office solutions, you can enjoy many benefits, such as call handling and message taking services.

What is a Virtual Office?

You can have virtual offices in Sydney CBD, where your registered business address is in the trendy part of town and you can request a qualified telephone receptionist to man your office numbers. While you enjoy a prestigious business address, your incoming calls that either be answered by a remotely located receptionist, or can be forwarded to your mobile number.

Call Handling

The virtual office service provider has a state-of-the-art call centre that handles all their clients, which would be running 24/7 and all the receptionists are fully briefed on the client’s business and perform as they would if they were in your office building. If you would rather the receptionist use your greetings script, this is not an issue and fully briefed on your activities, the virtual receptionist offers a first-class service at affordable prices.

Customer Support

If you have a round-the-clock support line for your customers and you would like it to be covered remotely, this is a job for the virtual office provider. Of course, you may have your own receptionist and would like cover for outside office hours, which can be provided virtually by the remotely located receptionist. There are no lengthy contracts and you can activate or deactivate the service at any time, which means you only pay for the services that you use.

Keeping you Informed

Using virtual office services keeps you updated and with message-taking and call forwarding, you can ensure that key players are always up do date with what’s happening. The virtual office service provider offers seamless communication across many platforms, plus you can guarantee that every incoming call with be professionally answered within 5 seconds, which is pretty impressive an anyone’s eyes.

Meetings & Conferences

If at some time you need to host a meeting, your serviced office provider has you covered and they will even put up your company signage, should you prefer. You have access to state-of-the-art audio-video systems, enabling you to deliver your PowerPoint presentation with impact, and things like refreshments and printing handouts will be handled by the virtual office provider.

Whatever your business, you can benefit greatly from virtual office solutions and a simple Google search is all it takes to source a provider.

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