Myth and reality of buying instagram followers debunked

Gaining a large following and high engagement on Instagram helps boost your brand awareness and visibility. This has led many users to consider buying Instagram followers as a shortcut to grow their accounts quickly. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about buying followers on Instagram.

  1. Buying followers is illegal or unethical

There is nothing inherently illegal or unethical about buying Instagram followers. Many social media marketing agencies provide services to help brands buy real, targeted followers from reputable sources. As long as the sources use legitimate methods to provide the followers, it is simply another marketing strategy. Just like paying for ads or influencer promotions, buying followers is a way to get your content in front of more potential customers.

  1. Bought followers are all bots or fake accounts

While there certainly are some unscrupulous providers that rely on bots and fake accounts, the reality is that you buy real, active Instagram followers. Reputable providers work with influencer networks to get you followers who are real people genuinely interested in your niche. Their growth methods don’t violate Instagram’s terms of service. With the right provider, most followers you buy will be authentic accounts.

  1. Buying followers provides no real benefits

Gaining more followers immediately makes your Instagram profile look more popular, regardless of how you obtained the followers. This piques people’s interest and makes them more likely to follow you organically. It’s human nature to be curious about accounts with a lot of followers. More followers also boost your discoverability on Instagram. Accounts with more followers show up higher in search results and recommendations. This gives you more visibility to attract real targeted followers.

  1. You could get banned by Instagram for buying followers

Instagram’s algorithm detects and bans accounts that use bots or other prohibited growth tactics. But, Buy Instagram Followers through famoid today from human accounts is not against Instagram’s terms of service. Instagram wants you to use its advertising tools to promote your account. As long as your new followers are genuine, buying them does not put your account at risk of being banned.

  1. You immediately lose bought followers

It’s normal to lose some followers after buying, as not every account will stick around. However, when you buy from the right source, the majority of followers around 80-90% – remain as long as stable followers. As your account remains active, you’ll continue to gain both bought and organic followers over time.

  1. Buying followers hurts your engagement rate

Indeed, buying followers initially dilutes your overall engagement rate since bought followers are not guaranteed to engage instantly. However, your actual number of likes, comments, and shares from real users still increases over time as you gain visibility. Posting engaging content and using relevant hashtags to reach new targeted followers can counteract the dip in engagement rate. Maintaining your authenticity and brand voice will keep real followers interested as your bought follower count grows.

When done right, buying Instagram followers is an effective strategy to kickstart your account’s growth and visibility. It provides social proof for your brand and expands your potential reach. Just be sure to choose real, high-quality followers from a reputable source.

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