Important reasons to professionally remove asbestos in old Perth buildings

Modern buildings around the main city of WA are built to high standards of safety and follow mandatory regulations before they are permitted to be constructed, but it wasn’t always like that. Going back to the late 19th century, buildings and housing were in demand with the price being the major factor.

Asbestos was used often, but the material has been banned throughout Australia including export and import since December 2013. Health and safety and the information gleaned from it uncovered its dangers which can lead to the risk of several serious diseases, such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Any buildings which still contain the material require the work of professional asbestos removal in Perth.

  • Only those companies with a government license are permitted to carry out the work, and for very good reasons. Nobody wants to risk their health when involved in such an operation, so a certified supervisor must be put in charge to oversee the safe removals. Licenses are only issued to those that can prove that they have fully trained employees and equipment to proceed.
  • On many occasions in the past bonded asbestos was used in the lagging of pipes. It can easily break up and turn into powder with the slightest of contact, producing a dangerous mist that can be easily breathed in if not wearing the very best safety clothing and equipment which an ace team will use.
  • The potentially awkward areas to reach, such as roofing, and pipes will have any asbestos sucked away by using strong industrial strength vacuums. Using a firm to carry out the work with a couple of decades of experience and who hold the vital paperwork will provide peace of mind to anyone that enlists their services.
  • It is a skilled and planned operation with plans put in place to spot any issues before the commencement of the work. It guarantees the safety of all involved and anyone in the vicinity as highly skilled professionals get to work with the correct signage alerting anyone that there is work in progress. Even those who are unsure if a building contains asbestos are advised to have the professional carry out testing.

Anyone in any doubt in WA that is in possession of an older building about the materials used, should call in an expert company to deal with the removal of any asbestos so that all who use it are not at risk.

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