Decoding Online Database Software for Small Businesses!

Cloud-based services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions have evolved with time, and as a result, business management has changed considerably. Most of the biggest business giants have moved to the cloud for diverse operational needs, and contrary to what may many believe, cloud-based solutions are equally effective for smaller companies and startups. In this post, we will focus on online database software and what it means for small businesses, in particular.

Grab the power of building applications

With ERP and other CRM software solutions, businesses have to use a certain set of features that come with the product itself. In short, you are trying to fit in the software. With online database software, it’s just the opposite. You have basic templates in place and can start building applications from scratch. This is a big advantage, because small businesses don’t have to settle for features that they don’t need. What’s also interesting is the fact that online database is not specific to a particular industry. You can work on custom applications as required, and in case you are struck, the service provider will offer help, which is also our next point.

Save costs and avoid hassles

As mentioned, online database software is meant for small businesses, more so because you can save a considerable amount of money that’s otherwise spent on IT budgets. You don’t need to spend on licenses, setup, maintenance or anything else, because the parent service provider will take care of all of that. Local databases are often hard to manage, and most importantly, you must spend on management and maintenance, which can be avoided if you go for online database.


There is no denying that online database software is effective, necessary and apt for small companies. However, what your business derives from it is dependent on several factors, but mostly on the service provider. Make sure that you select a company that boasts of offering great support. If their team can create databases and applications for your business, it’s always an added advantage. It is also a good idea to consider the pricing, and although critics argue that costs with online database software options increase as the business grows, it is still an affordable option by all means. You can also consider getting assistance on management of users and access control – two other points of concern when it comes to database management.

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